One of the most interesting fashion trends around right now is called vajazzling. It is something which many stars do regularly and a lot of women heard the phrase vajazzle for the first time after Jennifer Love Hewitt told the world how she does it. Meanwhile, Amy Childs is another famous personality who has done a lot to popularise the term and allow more women to find out all about it and how great it can make them look.

The word vajazzle comes from a mixture of the words vagina and bedazzle, and this pretty much tells you all you know about the concept. It is basically about making the area below your waist more beautiful by applying sparkling crystals to it in the form of interesting designs. Having said that, you can also use the same process and the same crystals to decorate and enhance your stomach, back, arms, neck or ankles if you want to.

Easy to Do

It is a process which might sound complicated and you might think that it needs to be done professionally in a beauty salon. However, more and more women are finding that doing it themselves at home is a comfortable and pretty easy way of giving themselves a fantastic look in next to no time. It is a great way of getting creative and finding a look which suits you and which you are comfortable with.

The first step is in finding the right kit for vajazzling with. You will want one which has designs which you love and which you can imagine yourself wearing. The quality of the kit is also important, and you will find that genuine Swarovski crystals are fantastic looking jewels to use when you decide to vajazzle for the first time.  Rhinestones and other types of jewels can also be used. Some ladies go for the brightest and boldest designs they can find, while others like something a bit more subtle. It is completely up to you and how you feel at the time. As it is a temporary addition to your body you might like to experiment with different styles, as this is something you can do without any fear. You can even have a few different kits on standby, so that you choose the ones which most suit your mood or the occasion at any given time.

Follow the Simple Steps

You will find that once you apply the kit the look will generally last for around a week or so, depending upon the quality of the product you use. To get started on applying it, the first recommended step is to shave your pubic area – assuming that it where you are going to apply the design to.

The area of skin which you are going to be vajazzling needs to be dry and clean and free from irritations. Then, you just peel of the clear film from the product you are using and stick it to your skin in the way which most appeals to you.

Vajazzling is a brilliant way to make your body even more dazzling and interesting. Even if you don’t expect anyone else to see the design you have put on, it can still make you feel really good and incredibly confident to know that you are using such a wonderful piece of fashion on your body.